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Charity Streams

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Extra Life game day is an opportunity for people to raise money for the Childrens Miricle Network of hospitals in the USA & Canada. The last two years I have taken part in the Extra Life Gameday which involves streaming for 24 hours.


On November 3rd & 4th 2018 I completed a 24 hour charity stream for the Extra Life event, raising money for the Childrens Miricle Network of Hospitals. I set myself a target of raising $1000 and to date this stands at $1158. This is an incredible amount of money to raise considering the small size of my YouTube subscriber count.


In 2019 I set an ambitious target of $1250 for my gameday fundraising. All did not go to plan on the day as there was a malitious DDOS attack on the Extra Life fundraising site which severly hampered money raising efforts. I still completed the 24 hour stream and then a month later hosted an additional 12 hour stream to reach our goal. we got really close to the goal set and in the end raised $1161.


For my birthday in 2021 I did two twelve hour streams to raise money for the charity Haemochromatosis UK, who help support patients that have the conditon, such as myself having been diagnosed in 2015. I had set a goal of raising £500 for the charity and we ended up raising £665 after the 2 streams.

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